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We are an experienced creative production team located in Los Angeles. Specializing in motion camera applications for feature films, TV shows, commercials, music videos, documentaries, and webisodes.

The next evolution of fluid camera motion, the Movi utilizes wireless digital gyro-stabilized satellite technology enabling you to imagine creative shots and execute them quickly.

The Movi’s unique visual mobility achieves imagery that would usually require additional equipment, time and effort.

MoviCAM creative team can provide you with trained operators skilled in the sophisticated 3 axis digital gyro head motion of Movi.

Movi systems strength is its ability to quickly capture amazing rock steady images on unstabilised platforms.












The movicam team, while working on our CHOC hospital commercial, created shots that I could never dreamed of achieving in such a short amount of time – love their work!

Greg Christy - Brite Ideas

 The ability of handing off the camera to multiple operators gave us the flexibility no other tool could deliver.

Michael A. Pierce - Cinematographer

Our Service

We are camera motion experts with years of production experience. Our talented team will work with you to reach the hightest creative possibilities.


Includes the Movi 10 handheld stabilization device, wireless video, wireless focus, digital controllers, batteries, chargers, 2 monitors and all support gear for a full day of production. Camera rentals are extra that can include prime lenses with either Red Epic, Red Scarlet, Canon 300/500, Blackmagic Cinema Camera and most DSLR size cameras.


Our technicians are qualified operators and camera assistants. The Movi can be operated while walking, running, rollerblading, and bicycling. It also can be used in motor vehicles, boats, and helicopters. Camera assistants are available for assembly, computer programming, and focus polling.


Movicam can provide Award-winning Directors of Photography as well as directors who understand the challenges of production yet can realize the visual possibilities.


The Movi equipment (not including camera gear) packs into three cases that are easily transported. Fascinating camera moves can quickly be achieved around the world.


Initial unpacking and setup for balancing of camera and programming is 1 hour. Lens choices should be under 2.6 lbs. Maximum camera load including lens and support should be under 12 lbs.




Operator and tech assistant rates are negotiable dependent on the job, union or nonunion. 50% deposit is required to engage, remainder due upon completion.


Equipment is $750 per day. Additional equipment such as base plates, rods, video receivers, monitors, cameras and lenses will be an additional cost.


Each travel day per person is 50% of negotiated operator/assistant rate. All travel, baggage including cases, lodging and transportation expenses are to be paid by client. Any weather days will be billed as operator/assisstant day rates.


The Movi equipment (not including camera gear) packs into three cases that are easily transported.  Fascinating camera moves can quickly be achieved around the world.


Client shall provide full replacement value insurance on equipment for the duration of the job and travel via additionally insured insurance certificate. Any deductible shall be secured by credit card preauthorization or by any other agreed upon terms.

Recent Work

Take a look at some of our recent work and what our MoviCam can do for you.


MoviCam Photo-5

MoviCam Photo-5

MoviCam Photo-3

MoviCam Photo-3

MoviCam Photo-2

MoviCam Photo-2

MoviCam Photo-1

MoviCam Photo-1


The Movicam crew freed me to come up with unusual shots in a run and gun situation.

Robert Hayes - Director of Photography, Disney's Zeke and Luther

The limits of my visual imagination have changed due the achievement of Movicam team.

Lawrence Jordan - Director

Our Team


MoviCAM John Rhode

John Rhode

is a cinematographer and camera operator based out of Los Angeles known for his fast, artistic filmmaking approach. He has won many Tellies and Cine-Eagle Awards for his cinematography as well as been positively reviewed in Variety, “…beautifully photography by John Rhode” and in articles published by the International Cinematographers Guild magazine. He has worked on Features, Television shows, Webisodes, Documentaries, and Commercials. Working in the Camera Dept. he has worked with some of the greatest Cinematographers and Directors in contemporary cinema.

MoviCAM Chris Rhodes

Chris Rhodes

is an Emmy award winning director of photography who started his career as one of the first cameramen to shoot concert tour big screens.  He has developed and envisioned shots for feature films, commercials, tv shows, live music and sporting events, documentaries, and webisodes.  He has extensive experience operating camera, motion support equipment such as technocranes, jibs, hotheads, steadicams, and the Movi.



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